The Hindu

“Inside Shrishti Art Gallery you can rediscover the magic of watercolours that used to thrill the old masters…It is this play of watercolours that help Anu create magic. Watercolours on the verge of dissipating into nothingness or losing their meaning. It is as if the artist has applied a daub of coloured water on a canvas and waited for it to dry leaving a hint of colour in the middle and a darker shade in the rim.”
-Sarish Nanisetti


Anu Annam expresses a deep appreciation for human personality and emotion through her watercolor portraiture.
-Katie Wallace

The New India Express

The creations depict fleeting human emotions…Anu has ventured to capture auras and vague physical forms of the subjects.
-Lakshmi Vishwanatha

Commentaries on the Times

A visual alchemist synthesizing two worlds
-Playthell Benjamin

Eminent Dr. C. Narayan Reddy, Padma Vibhushan, India

Coined the term “Vedantic” (of the Vedas-religious Hindu texts) upon seeing Anu Annam’s artwork.


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